EU BON Taxonomic backbone

The Unified Taxonomic Information Service (UTIS) is the taxonomic backbone for the EU BON project

The EU BON Taxonomic backbone allows running a federated search on multiple European checklists and returns a unified result set of the various individual responses. The current implementation of the UTIS is still a prototype, it connects the web services of the Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure, PESI and CoL, the Catalogue of Life. In future it will connect more data providers like EUNIS and Natura2000 in order to be compliant with the INSPIRE directive. Currently it is possible to search for taxa and synonyms by an exact scientific name string. In case of matching synonyms the related accepted taxa are resolved. The search results always include information on the classification and on related taxa so far as this data is delivers by the connects provides. More search modes like fuzzy matching, search by vernacular names will be made available.