PlutoF Citizen Science and Custom Forms

There is a citizen science (CS) module available on PlutoF workbench to create SC projects for biodiversity data mobilization. Project coordinator can create new project and custom data input form that can be used for collecting data in a uniform and standard way.

Ongoing developments will also able to share their data through APIs, as well as data recording through API tools. The database is compatible with Darwin Core standards and can be published through the GBIF IPT (Integrated Publishing Toolkit). Current consensus for the taxonomic backbone is that it should follow PESI for the European species lists and higher classifications.

User manual

To create new CS project user has to follow next steps:

  • add new project,
  • specify public web address for this project,
  • add illustrative photo,
  • specify project area,
  • create custom data input form,
  • specify access rights for the project

CS applications:

"I-Saw-a-Butterfly" is a reporting app for sporadic observations that takes advantage of Mobilehigh-end technology to provide quality data on butterfly sightings, based on the concept of getting maximum data with minimum typing. Developed by GlueCAD the app aims at citizen science observers (Europe and Israel). It currently covers all European day butterfly species with a specific focus (and pictures) on Estonian and Israeli butterflies.

A second recording app by GlueCAD for systematic observations along fix transects ('BMapp') is currently being tested by INPA with Amazon’s frog list and by volunteers of the Israeli National Butterflies Monitoring Scheme.

These apps are available on Google Play.

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