EU BON products

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During lifetime of the EU BON project a lot of efforts have been made to identify gaps in existing biodiversity data and needs of biodiversity community; to refine and test existing tools, models and methods, to develop new tools and services and implement them on the European Biodiversity portal.

All this work resulted in substantial amount of products listed below. This list gives not only an overview of existing instruments related to data sharing, publishing, use and dissemination but is also linked to useful supporting information and relevant resources.


Data mobilisation, integration and interoperability

  Data mobilization Data integration and interoperability
Guidelines, best
practices, reports
  • Gap analysis and priorities for filling identified gaps in data coverage and quality
  • Summary report and strategy recommendations for EU citizen science gateway for biodiversity data
  • Summary report of operational EU BON services and data provision for the European taxonomic backbone
Development and
  • EU BON / GBIF data hosting service
  • EU BON / GBIF registry system
  • EU BON helpdesk
Software and tools
  • DINA web system
  • Unified Taxonomic Information Service
  • JACQ staging area
  • PlutoF citizen science module
  • Global DNA reference datasets for fungi - UNITE
  • Collection datasets through PlutoF platform.
  • PESI database update in April 2015
  • Taxonomic source databases updated
  • Fauna Europaea: Update vernaculars (> 35 000)
  • Specimen records via Specifiy
  • EuMon extended metadata catalogue
  • Datasets on the hosting service of EuMon and other sources
  • Plazi treatment server for published observation records


Data analysis and visualization

  Data analysis Data visualization

Guidelines, best practices, reports

  • Report on biodiversity changes using improved EU data sources
  • Road map for the Development of Species Distribution models
  • Framework for quantifying and communicating uncertainty in range and trend assessments
  • Online guideline for trend analysis (occupancy and abundance)

Software and tools

  • Hierarchical RandomForest Habitat classification
  • Fourier transform

  • AquaMaps
  • GeoCAT
Maps, infographic, case studies  
Virtual laboratories



Policy related tools (articles, briefs, infographic)