Project Repository

The list contains 159 biodiversity related projects, initiatives and platforms relevant to the EU BON project.
It gives a short introduction to the project and general metadata (acronym, full title, funding period, coordination and keywords based on field of interest).

Other useful repositories:
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EuMon database for monitoring networks
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Acronym Full Title Thematics Area of interest EC/FP Country (lead institution) Funding period (start) Funding period (end)
GBIF Global Biodiversity Information Facility Biodiversity
Synthesys Synthesis of systematic resources collection management UK
EDIT Towards the European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy Biodiversity 6
4D4Life Distributed Dynamic Diversity Databases for Life e-Infrastructure 7 UK
ACOBAR Acoustic Technology for observing the interior of the Arctic Ocean Earth observation 7 2008-10-01 2013-03-31
ADAPT-ENVGENOME Environmental adaptation of the genome: a Daphnia model under cultural eutrophication MC Spain 2012-02-01 2015-01-31
AEGOS African-European Georesources Observation System Earth observation 7 2008-12-01 2011-11-30
AGRICAB A framework for enhancing EO capacity for Agriculture and Forest Management in Africa as a contribution to GEOSS Earth observation 7 2011-10-01 2015-03-31
ALARM and ALARM TTC Assessing Large-scale environmental Risks with tested Methods and Extension Biodiversity 6 DE 2004-02-01 2009-02-28
ALTER-NET A Long-term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network Biodiversity 6 UK
AnaEE Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystem ESFRI 7 F
ASCABOS A supporting programme for capacity building in the Black Sea Region towards operational Status of Oceanographic Services Earth observation 6
Babe Beekeeping and Apis Biodiversity in Europe Biodiversity 5
BALKANGEONET Balkan GEO Network – Towards Inclusion of Balkan Countries into Global Earth Observation Initiatives Earth observation 7 2010-11-01 2013-10-31
BESAFE Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Arguments for our future Environment Biodiversity 7 NL 2011-09-01 2015-08-31
BHL-Europe Biodiversity Heritage Library - Europe DE
BIO_SOS Biodiversity Multi-Source Monitoring System from Space to Species remote sensing 7 I
BioAssess Biodiversity assessment tools project Biodiversity 5
BioCASE A biological collection access service for Europe Biodiversity 5