Project Repository

The list contains 159 biodiversity related projects, initiatives and platforms relevant to the EU BON project.
It gives a short introduction to the project and general metadata (acronym, full title, funding period, coordination and keywords based on field of interest).

Other useful repositories:
EEA list of EU research projects about biodiversity and ecosystems
EuMon database for monitoring networks
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JRC list of data portals and databases

Acronym Full Title Thematics Area of interest EC/FP Country (lead institution) Funding period (start) Funding period (end)
FRAP Framework for biodiversity Reconciliation Action Plans Biodiversity 5
FRAXIGEN Ash for the future: defining European ash populations for conservation and regeneration Biodiversity 5
FUNDIVEUROPE Functional significance of forest biodiversity in Europe Biodiversity 7 2010-10-01 2014-09-30
GAGOS Assessing and forward planning of the Geodetic and Geohazard Observing Systems for GMES applications Earth observation 6
GEM-CON-BIO Governance and ecosystems management for the conservation of biodiversity Biodiversity 5
GEO-BENE Global Earth Observation Benefit Estimation: Now, Next and Emerging Earth observation 6
GEOCARBON Operational Global Carbon Observing System Earth observation 7 2011-10-01 2014-09-30
GEOMON Global Earth Observation and Monitoring Earth observation 6
GEONETCAB GEO Network for Capacity Building Earth observation 7 2009-11-01 2013-05-31
GEOVIQUA QUAlity aware VIsualisation for the Global Earth Observation system of systems Earth observation 7
GEOWOW GEOSS interoperability for Weather, Ocean and Water Earth observation 7
GFG2 GNSS for Global Environmental Earth Observation (GEEO) and GEOSS Earth observation 7
Giant Alien Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) a pernicious invasive weed: developing a sustainable strategy for alien invasive plant management in Europe Biodiversity 5
GLOCHAMORE Global Change in Mountain Regions: An Integrated Assessment of Causes and Consequences Biodiversity 6
GMOS Global Mercury Observation System (GMOS) Earth observation 7
GRAND GOOS Regional Alliances Network Development Earth observation 6
HERMES Hotspot Ecosystem Research on the Margins of European Seas Biodiversity 6
HighARCS Highland aquatic resources conservation and sustainable development Biodiversity 7 2009-01-01 2013-12-31
HoloChromEvol Holocentric chromosome evolution and the origins of biodiversity in a hyper-diverse plant lineage MC 2012-10-01 2015-03-31