Project Repository

The list contains 159 biodiversity related projects, initiatives and platforms relevant to the EU BON project.
It gives a short introduction to the project and general metadata (acronym, full title, funding period, coordination and keywords based on field of interest).

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Acronym Full Title Thematics Area of interest EC/FP Country (lead institution) Funding period (start) Funding period (end)
MEDINA Marine Ecosystem Dynamics and Indicators for North Africa Earth observation 7
Metabird Viability of bird metapopulations Biodiversity 5
MIDI-CHIP Designing and testing DNA microarrays as a molecular tool to monitor the diversity of freshwater cyanobacteria in European lakes Biodiversity 5
Modelkey Models for Assessing and Forecasting the Impact of Environmental Key Pollutants on Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems and Biodiversity Biodiversity 6
MS.MONINA Multi-scale Service for Monitoring Natura 2000 Habitats of European Community Interest remote sensing 7
NETBIOME-CSA Strengthening European research cooperation for smart and sustainable management of tropical and subtropical biodiversity in outermost regions and overseas countries and territories 2013-05-02 2016-05-01
OBSERVE Strengthening and development of Earth Observation activities for the environment in the Balkan area Earth observation 7
OMNISCIENS Odour monitoring and information system based on citizen and technology innovative sensors citizen science 7
OpenUp! DE
PALMS Palm harvest impacts in tropical forests Biodiversity 7 2009-01-01 2013-12-31
Parronet European network on invasive parakeets: Understanding invasion dynamics and risks to agriculture and society COST
PASCALIS Protocols for the assessment and conservation of aquatic life in the subsurface Biodiversity 5
PESI A Pan-European species-directories infrastructure taxonomic backbone Biodiversity 7 NL 2008-05-01 2011-04-30
PGR Forum European crop wild relative diversity assessment and conservation forum Biodiversity 5
PLANET Platform for the deployment and operation of heterogeneous networked cooperating objects 7 Germany 2010-01-01 2014-09-30
Plant Dispersal Dynamics of plant dispersal-related traits in fragmented European habitats: consequences for species survival and landscape management Biodiversity 5
PROBIOPRISE Creating a European Platform for SMEs and other stakeholders to develop a research programme for pro-biodiversity business Biodiversity 6
pro-iBiosphere Coordination and policy development in preparation for a European Open Biodiversity Knowledge Management System, addressing Acquisition, Curation, Synthesis, Interoperability and Dissemination Biodiversity 7 NL 2012-09-01 2014-08-31
RACE Risk Assessment of Chytridiomycosis to European Amphibian Biodiversity Biodiversity, wildlife diseases 7 UK 2009-03-01 2014-02-28
Recipe Reconciling commercial exploitation of peat with biodiversity in peatland ecosystems Biodiversity 5