XML schema

DNA extension for ABCD

The DNA extension for ABCD, called ABCDDNA, is a product of the DNA Bank Network. ABCDDNA is a theme specific, XML Schema, created to facilitate storage and exchange of data related to DNA collection units, such as DNA extraction specifics, DNA quality parameters and data characterising products of downstream applications, along with the relation to the analysed voucher specimen. ABCDDNA offers only a rudimentary set of DNA-specific data sequences.

BioCASE Protocol

The BioCASE protocol is used for communication between the Provider Software (database wrapper) and a client application on the BioCASE network, a transnational network of biological collections of all kinds. It is based on the DiGIR protocol.

Darwin Core

The Darwin Core is body of standards. It includes a glossary of terms (in other contexts these might be called properties, elements, fields, columns, attributes, or concepts) intended to facilitate the sharing of information about biological diversity by providing reference definitions, examples, and commentaries.

Ecological Metadata Language

Ecological Metadata Language (EML) is a metadata specification for the ecology discipline based on prior work done by the Ecological Society of America and associated efforts. EML is implemented as a series of XML document types that can be used in a modular and extensible manner to document ecological data. Each EML module is designed to describe one logical part of the total metadata that should be included with any ecological data set.

Geography Markup Language

An OGC standard, GML is an XML grammar and modeling language for geographic systems as well as an open interchange format for geographic transactions on the Internet. It covers not only conventional "vector" or discrete objects, but also coverages and sensor data. The ability to integrate all forms of geographic information is key to the utility of GML. Note: KML made popular by Google, complements GML.

ISO/TS 19139:2007

"ISO/TS 19139:2007 defines Geographic MetaData XML (GMD) encoding, an XML Schema implementation derived from ISO 19115." "ISO/TS 19139 is applicable to provide a common XML specification for describing, validating and exchanging geographic metadata. It is intended to promote interoperability, and exploit ISO 19115's advantages in a concrete implementation specification."

Taxon Concept transfer Schema

TCS provides a standard for taxon names and taxon concepts in the exchange and integration of biodiversity and natural history data." The majority of elements in TCS are optional to allow for the variety of different approaches to defining and recording taxonomic names and concepts, hence TCS allows more choices if an expert simultaneously authors concepts AND asserts concept relationships.

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